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Using Cloudflare with XFileSharing
07/03/2017 07:04 AM
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I'd like to use Cloudflare with my XFileSharing site. Is it possible and what should I do?


WARNING: if you miss as least one point, the site will not be working correctly.

1) Check that you are using as least the version 2.2

2) Make sure that Cloudflare is only active for your main server, and not for your file servers. If you have accidently setup it for as least one of your file server, please disable it.

3) Put your Main server in 'READONLY'. You may need to setup an additional file server (with no Cloudflare) if that was your single server for uploads.

4) Login to each of your file servers with root SSH and point the direct IP of your main server in /etc/hosts file. The records has the following format:

<your_direct_ip> <your_domain> www.<your_domain>

5) Enable "Pseudo IPv4" in "Overwrite headers" mode in Cloudflare settings

6) Open and set 'accept_cf_connecting_ip' to '1'